Justice, Security and Privacy in a Digital Society

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Learn about the role of technological innovations and how they impact individual citizens’ privacy, government institutions tasked with justice and security, and individuals who have come into contact with the judicial system.
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A certificate of completion will be sent to successful participants who finish all modules within the course

Gijs Huisman

Senior Track Associate, Digital to Physical @ Digital Society School

Founder @ House of Hapti
About Gijs
I have a broad interest in people-technology relations, but particularly in technology’s role in social interactions. I have a PhD on Social Touch Technology and love to translate theoretical knowledge into practice and philosophize about the implications. I am also co-founder of startup House of Haptics where I work on haptic technology to connect people.

Assia Kraan

Track Owner, Digital to Physical @ Digital Society School
A sustainable human centred digital society is what I am passionate about as opposed to a technology and profit driven society. I am trained in academic media theory and software development. To connect groups of stakeholders around the trend ‘Digital to Physical’ is my contribution to sustainable digital society.