Designing Team Rituals for the Online Context

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Course overview
This course prepares you for the current online shift, as well as the unforeseeable transformation that will take place during/after the covid period. While we will design team rituals for the current online context, these will keep inspiring us to embed this purposeful way of working once we return to a hybrid reality. 
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Certification included
Participants will receive a certificate of completion by either participating in both of the virtual zoom sessions OR by following the course offline and completing the case study activity.


Digital Transformation Designer at Digital Society School
About IRIS
Iris Brugman has worked in Learning & Development in business corporates including Heineken and Randstad, and worked as a freelancer in Digital Design. She completed a Msc in Business Administration (special. in HRM) at the VU University of
Amsterdam, and completed several UX/UI courses with distinction. Her expertise focuses on the creation of digital designs and learning modules, and UX/UI design. Growing up as an expat in the Netherlands, Germany, and England digital platforms allowed her to keep connected and expand her creativity. Learning agility became integral to her way of working. Her current interest lies in transforming physical art and experiences to a virtual realm. She is currently employed as a Digital Transformation Designer & Coach at the Digital Society School. Her website can be accessed here.